The Post Holiday Slump

It’s real. That feeling when you’ve packed away all the holiday decorations. You’ve eaten all the cookies and leftovers. You don’t have another work holiday until Memorial Day.

I’ve long tried to find ways to keep the holiday spirit going in my house after the official holidays are over. I’ve found with a few key pieces, I can transition from holiday anticipation to cozy winter wonderland.

Keep that mantel decorated! 

If you have a fireplace and mantle, you know it’s a key focal point to your holiday decor. I find the sight of an empty mantle so depressing after weeks of festive greenery and bright stockings. While the stockings have to go, who says you can’t keep the mantle decorated with some winter beauties.

winter mantel decor

Winter Greenery

Keep the greenery around for as long as you can. Bringing the outdoors inside can help brighten the mood when the sun says adios as early as 4pm. Even if you just take some leftover branches from your garlands, throw them in a basket, add some twinkle lights and voila! You have a warm, inviting corner in your living room.

basket with lights greens
Cute basket options here and here

Candles, candles, candles

Nothing says cozy like candles. If you don’t want to risk a fire, there are plenty of electric candles that give off that same warm glow. Some even flicker. Try eating dinner by candlelight a few times a week and see how much your kids love it.

candle in glass canister

candles on mantle
I’m a fan of silver candle holders in the winter. You can find some cute ones here, here, and here.

You get a throw blanket. And YOU get a throw blanket. 

At the end of a long day, I look forward to nothing more than curling up on the couch and snuggling under our big red fluffy throw blanket. Not only does the bright color make me happy and look fantastic on our dark green couch, it’s so warm and cozy, I actually look forward to cold days. I like to have one blanket on every piece of upholstered furniture. That way, you always have one in reach no matter where you’re sitting.

cozy fireplace
Cozy throw options are here, here, here and here.

And don’t forget the bed! Keep that fluffy faux-fur throw on there and your bed looks welcoming. Even if you don’t make it each day.

bedroom throw blanket

Keep the good dinnerware out

Do you break out the nice china during the holidays, only to pack it up on Dec. 26th where it will sit in a dark cabinet until next year? I’m a big fan of using the good stuff year round. You don’t have to use it every meal, but it always brings a smile to my face to use our nice serving platters, handed down through generations of our family. Also, I kinda think food tastes better when served on my favorite plates. Is it just me?

Fine china dining

Hopefully, these tips help keep your house cozy and warm during these remaining dark winter days. For more inspiration, check out A Modern Broad’s Post-Holiday Decor Pinterest board.

Now excuse me while I go light some candles and curl up in a fluffy blanket.

Til next week…

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