Let’s get this party started!

A new year. A new project. A fresh start.

NYE post

This blog and its soon-to-be companion online shop have been years in the making. A passion project. I’ve always wanted to use my design background to make beautiful, meaningful items. To run my own business. To have more flexibility in my work/life tightrope walk.

I decided 2018 is the year. I’m going all in.

A year from now quote

Essentially, I was tired of waiting for the “right” moment to start this journey. There will never be a right moment. Life is too messy and chaotic and unexpected. And that’s part of the fun. I decided to just jump in and start paddling.

I create lovely artistic pieces that I hope will add some light and joy to this space. I’ll also use this space to pass along tips and tutorials for making your own beautiful decor or gifts. I’m here to participate in an open community full of artistic inspiration, aspiration, and encouragement. And I couldn’t be more excited. I hope you’ll stick around.

Until next week…


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